Official Address:

17 Gobarau Road, Ungwan Rimi, Kaduna, Kaduna State, Nigeria

About Aisha Ibrahim

Aisha has had brilliant career as Consultant and Facilitator at Kaduna Business School. An alumnus of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Aisha obtained a degree in Accounting. A multi-lingual and experienced executive, she is a registered student member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN),
and has acquired vast experience in teaching. A former head teacher, she has also attended training programmes from the Energy Research Centre on Rural Renewable Energy. She has also taught accounting in various fields and is an accredited trainer by the European Council for Business Competence in Vienna, Austria. In addition to her numerous qualifi cations and achievements, she was
recently accredited by the SME TOOLKIT as a certified trainer. She currently heads a team of accounting software research for the Innovation Enterprise Institute, a subsidiary of Kaduna Business School.

  • Critical Thinking Initiator
  • Problem-Solving Specialist
  • Written Communication Generator
  • Verbal Communication Specialist
  • Interpersonal Relations Specialist

Aisha is currently the head of special projects at Kaduna Business School, She was born in the month of May, a native of kwara state, Nigeria.