Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is where your common questions about what you need to know about KADSTEP  are answered. We have covered things like programme eligibility, loan policy, training period, certification, business plan and attendance. Check out the frequently asked questions below. Any further inquiries please Contact Us.

What is KADSTEP?

The Kaduna Start-up and Entrepreneurship Programme is a massive job creation campaign initiated by a tripartite relationship, between the Kaduna state government, the Bank of Industry and Kaduna Business School.  The goal is to engage about 5,000 eligible young men and women resident in the state to pursue productive enterprise development initiatives.

How do I apply for the programme?

All Applications are submitted online via the KADSTEP official website. You must register on the website, where a custom link to the application form will be sent to the email you provided. In the application form you will be required to answer multiple mandatory questions, attach any relevant documents and identification materials. After submission, you will receive a final confirmation email.

What is the minimum educational requirement?

You must have a post-secondary school qualification before you can apply for KADSTEP.

What is the age bracket for applicants?

Applicants must be between 18-40 years old.

Can any business from any sector apply?

No. Your proposed venture must be within the real sector (Production, Allied Services, Manufacturing, ICT, etc..)Business ventures from industries or services such as production of intoxicants, tobacco, arms and ammunition, prostitution, pornography e.t.c. or any related industry will not be considered. Also the programme is not for research organisations, religious/faith based organisations, government contractors and businesses that are not situated in Kaduna State.

Must I have a registered business before I can apply?

No. The programme is for individuals with viable business ideas, start-ups and early stage companies between 0-4 years.

My company is a partnership, can I apply?

Yes. Only one person from the company or the partnership is allowed to apply for the programme.

My business is in another state, can I apply?

Your proposed business venture must be within Kaduna State and your Local Government Area of Residence.

Can I apply offline?

No. All applications must be submitted online via KADSTEP’s website.

What type of information will be required in my application?

You must answer all the mandatory questions in the application form.You must be a proven citizen of Nigeria no older than 40 years (proof of identity: International passport/Drivers License/National ID/Voters card required).

How many applicants will be accepted into KADSTEP?

300 applicants with the most viable and sustainable business ideas will be selected by our selection committee for every Batch of KADSTEP.

Is there an application fee?

No. KADSTEP application is FREE.

When will the mentorship start?

All names of applicants with a 2.75 GPA and above after the 10 weeks training would be sent to Bank of Industry BOI Nigeria for loan processing and they would be assigned a mentor.

When will the loan be Granted?

Only applicants with a 2.75 GPA after the 10 weeks training will be granted access to loans.

How much loan can I access if I am successful?

You will get access to 3 million Naira loan from Bank of Industry. A maximum of 10 million Naira may be granted if your business requires and if you can provide guarantors within Kaduna state for the loan repayment.

How much Interest do i pay on the loan?

Kaduna State in partnership with Bank of Industry has been able to subsidize the interest on BOI loan to 9% payable based on your business repayment plan.

Cant I apply for a loan directly to Bank Of Industry?

Yes. But KADSTEP creates an effective and easy channel to gain access to a BOI loan. Also mentorship is very crucial for early-stage businesses and start-ups, likewise the training modules and tools introduced by KADSTEP. This provides an enabling platform to support you in making the right business decisions by the time you get access to the loan.

What will the mentor’s role be in my business?

The mentor is to utilize his/her knowledge and experience to provide you guidance and advice in tackling the early stage challenges faced by businesses.

How long is the mentorship?

The official duration for the mentorship is for 12 months after accessing the loan.

Can I maintain a mentorship relationship with my mentor after the official 12 months?

This depends on the relationship established between you and your mentor.